G-BooM® is an Italian brand that deals with the sale of eco-sustainable clothing, made with organic and recycled materials, capable of safeguarding the quality not only of the product but also of the environment.

Who we are


G-BooM® is not just a clothing line, it's a lifestyle choice.

Raw materials: chosen with care and attention, they help to create long-lasting products.

Made-to-Order: we activate the production cycle only when faced with effective demand. In this way we reduce waste in terms of time, effort and resources, bringing an eco-friendly product to the market.

Logistics: it allows us to move, with a view to sustainability. We walk looking where to put our feet, trying to minimize the environmental impact of our steps, in order to design a better world.

We move forward looking to the future. We integrate innovation and sustainability into our processes from an environmental, social and cultural point of view.

This is what we do. This is who we are!


Our mission is to create a circular economy based on the use of 100% organic, natural and eco-sustainable raw materials.

Only through our choices is it possible to concretely contribute to the safeguarding of our ecosystem.


We want to create a product life cycle, where the end is a new beginning.


Organic Cotton : grown, produced, processed and certified according to organic agricultural standards.
Its production allows you to protect the environment, protect the ecosystem and educate the consumer to choose consciously.

Today it represents only 2% of all cotton produced in the world.
G-Boom® has chosen to be part of that 2%.
Because it's from the little things that big changes happen.

Recycled Polyester : Made with the highest quality standards of virgin polyester.
Its production contributes to the reduction of the extraction of petroleum resources from the Earth, allows a 60% saving of energy and a reduction of CO2 emissions.

Because our choices dictate our future, and G-Boom® has no doubts about how to design it.